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From the desk of

Wendi Friesen

Boulder, Colorado:

If you are looking for a powerful way to quit drinking, this may be the most important moment of your life.
If you have failed at rehab or AA and tried everything to quit drinking, this might change your mind.
Why is that? I want to tell you about a discovery I made. It is a powerful approach to sobriety that’s been used by thousands or people around the world to reduce cravings, end the struggle and release the emotional conflicts.
You don’t have to feel helpless. You really can change.

I have had stunning results with my clients, even those who failed for years.
My Alcohol Freedom program is different.
I am sure this will change many things about your life and your attitude from this day forward. You will breathe a breath of fresh air when you learn that alcoholism is not life sentence. It is an addiction that you can overcome.Even more interesting is that alcoholism may not be something you are genetically predisposed to.It is possible that you will forever end the label of being an alcoholic. I want you to experience this for yourself, today. Be sure to get your free hypnotherapy session now. You will also receive my videos that will teach you how to heal your brain and your body and become healthy as fast as possible.Just enter your name on the right of this page! —–>With love and respect,
Wendi FriesenReady to Change Your Life? Read on!

am image of a woman depressed from drinking

Your drinking problem can be a thing of the past.

Congratulations for making a decision to find help.

You might have been putting off finding a solution because you think it is hopeless, or because you have failed too many times.

Maybe you feel you will need to attend depressing meetings in a 12 step program… or you just need one more day to try cold turkey again. You are smart to look for something that works because there is more than one way to get your life in control.

I know you have heard about alcohol being a disease. The authorities want to label you as diseased. They want you to believe this is a disease that will plague you for the rest of your life. They tell you it’s not a matter of IF you will relapse… but WHEN.

You might have heard, and believed, that relapse is part of recovery. If you believe that, are you setting yourself up for failure?

an image of a man depressed from alcohol

You will no longer identify yourself as an alcoholic.

Personally, I think current methods that most rehab centers use are really outdated methods and flat out ignoring the science of addiction. (That’s the nice way to put it…)

Think about it. AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is archaic. The 12 step model was created in the 1930′s when we knew virtually nothing about how the brain works.

The principles behind 12 step have no scientific foundation! They knew virtually nothing about how the brain works and back then there was no information on the science of addiction. But it was the best there was and the only thing there was 80 years ago.

Yes, they tell you it’s the ONLY way. Yes, they say you are “diseased”. And yes… they tell you to stay away from “normies” (drinkers).

That’s why thousands my clients have experienced live saving results with a new approach to addiction. If you’ve tried and failed at AA it is time to experience something truly powerful…

an image of a man and woman being happy

You will simply be a non drinker, someone who used to drink.

Is this a Radical Approach?

Perhaps. It is based on the new

Science of Addiction Recovery!

Over the last 10 years, scientists have finally discovered how the brain works when addicted.

Science has discovered the brain can actually be “re-wired” through a changing of neurons, reorganizing their networks and functions through new experiences. The process is called neuroplasticity (neur-o-plast-icity).

The brain researchers use to tell us that the brain’s connections were formed and permanent. But new research suggests the brain is quite “plastic” and can be molded… even as adults. Science shows that your brain is constantly growing, changing and adapting. Even more exciting is how the mind (your thoughts, energy, focus) affects the growth of the brain.

an image of a brain

You will stop the addictive patterns in your subconscious mind.

It is true. Deep changes occur in the lowest neocortical processing areas of the brain, and it changes the actual hardwiring, the neuron activity that grows based on the environment and your thoughts.

Neuroplasticity really means that thinking, learning, and acting actually change both the brain’s physical structure (anatomy) and functional organization (physiology) from top to bottom.

an artist's depiction of active neural receptors

You’ve heard that thoughts are things?

Now you know it really is true.

I’ll get back to the science in a moment. But first I’ll answer the question on your mind. Who am I to share these cutting-edge facts?

I am a leader in the self help field.

My passion is all about helping people change the way their subconscious mind works.

an image of Wendi FriesenI’m Wendi Friesen. I am a Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and devoted addiction researcher. I am on a mission to open your eyes about the truth of addiction and how the brain works- and change the way addiction is treated.

I’ve helped over ten thousand people find a powerful way to end addiction and live a life they love.

I’ll share a few success stories in a moment, but you may be wondering why I’m willing to tell the truth about why people are failing at sobriety.

Fair question.

I’m devoting so much time and energy to the addiction problem because I too have seen firsthand how destructive it can be.

How do I know so much about addiction from a personal viewpoint?

The journey has been hard. My oldest son was an addict.

I’ve been directly in the path of the destruction, the deceit and the emotional trauma caused by addiction. While visiting my son in jail, I was confused, sad, angry, scared… in fact I felt downright powerless.

For five years of my life I’ve tried to pull him out of addiction. But, just like many addicts he felt that he knew best how to overcome his addiction. I put him in 3 rehab centers, costing over $110,000 and still he was unable to stop. an image of a boy sitting on the floor with his head downI’ve loved him, cared for him, hugged him, woke him up each morning with loving words and tried and tried to do my best.

Chances are, you have someone who loves you deeply and cares about you and wants to help you stop but is unable to get through. Or you are just so resentful for all their meddling and threats that you are sick of even talking about it.

But the truth is… the solution starts with YOU. Loved ones can’t “cure” you. You need to take the first step. Even hypnotherapy won’t help unless you are ready to say “enough is enough”. An image of a man and woman reading a paper together

You will simply be a non drinker, someone who used to drink.


Hi Wendi,

Today is my 5th day without a drink. What a miracle. And… 3 days ago I went to the grocery store for a couple of staples and arrived at the heck-out with a basket full of all kinds of fruit and vegetable juices. That was a first! I know I have a long way to go yet, but for the first time in YEARS, I truly have hope and believe your program will continue to work for me.

I’m very grateful to you, Wendi.



I listen to your three minute hypnosis every morning and at other times in the day if I feel I need a boost!….but I am so thankful to you….I give you the credit for my sobriety….and for the peaceful response that I have now to the things that used to trigger the anxiety and fear that made me want to have a drink….I have tried everything…(or so I thought!)…. I have destroyed relationships right and left since I started to drink….and already some of the people I love have let me back into their lives, and it feels so good to have another chance….


Take just one more step. Allow me to help.

a man an woman sitting together smiling

Freedom From Alcohol… At Last!

What does freedom from alcohol really mean?

Well… that depends on you.

Complete abstinence from beer, wine, liquor for the rest of your life…

Maybe you would just like to cut down, enjoy just one and have the control to stop (like a healthy glass of wine with dinner…)

Or perhaps you would just like to have a drink or two in social situations without craving more…

I have had a lot of challenging comments from some members of AA about my last 2 points… and I admit that moderation is a controversial subject.

Can you cut down, or drink in moderation? Or do you need to feel the freedom of knowing you will never struggle with alcohol again?

Included in the Alcohol Freedom program is a moderation session. Moderation is not the answer for everyone… but some people are able to become a social drinker and just enjoy a drink now and then.  You can decide what feels best.

Most people tell me that they simply do NOT want to drink.
The freedom they feel is so great that they are not even interested in moderation!

You see, Alcohol Freedom is all about giving you power and getting you into control. And the first step is getting completely clean and sober so your brain can form new connections that make you happy, powerful and in control.

And after that… YOU are in control. Not because you have willpower, or are spending every day trying to make it to midnight. You are in control because your brain no longer has the triggers that made you weak and susceptible to addictive patterns.

Instead of labeling you as “powerless”

an image of a lady enjoying listening to her headphones

This unique approach will stop the cravings and create a solid belief that you are a non-drinker.

Why? Because you’ll be focused on what you ARE, not what you WERE.

You will breathe a breath of fresh air and discover alcoholism is NOT a life sentence… but only an addiction.

Is alcohol addiction a disease that you were genetically predisposed to?

It is possible that is is not. Our genes, it has been discovered, actually change based on our environment, our thoughts and our beliefs. This is a big discovery and it has a lot to do with you being able to achieve sobriety. an image of two doctors looking at a patient's medical records

Genetic predisposition for disease no longer applies, when you look at how our genes change based on the actions and decisions we make.

The really big change happens when you make the changes in your SUBCONSCIOUS mind.

Do you have to relapse? I don’t believe so.

Do you have to sit in endless meetings and listen to depressing stories of failure?

Not at all.

Let me show you a different way.

If you’re serious about getting control of your drinking, hear me out.

an image of a lady deep in thought

You can dwell on the past and struggle with your addiction forever?


You can focus on your future, and feel the freedom.

I am going to show you why this is a unique solution to stop drinking,

maybe today…

Before I tell you how the Alcohol Freedom program can help you, you should first know what it isn’t.

Alcohol Freedom is NOT some “New Age” metaphysical program. It is not about religion or a higher power. Hypnotherapy is tool to get to the core of the problem, in your subconscious mind… where permanent change begins.

Alcohol Freedom is NOT like AA or any other 12 step program where you are considered an alcoholic with a disease. It is nothing at all like the programming that teaches you to struggle to make it till midnight. Instead of labeling you as “weak”, I reinforce you as healthy, happy and in control.

Alcohol Freedom is NOT a live-in or outpatient recovery program that can cost $25,000- $80,000 for treatment.This is a program you can do from the privacy of your own home.

Alcohol Freedom is NOT based on willpower, affirmations or self discipline. Deep changes happen when you release the internal core issues, reprogram your subconscious mind and allow the change to happen. Make sense?

If you have succeeded with AA and 12 step programs the truth is, I want to congratulate you. You deserve to feel proud of your accomplishment.

And if you’re currently in AA, great. You’ve already taken the first step. My Alcohol Freedom program won’t make you quit AA. I really have nothing against what they are doing. I just know how difficult it can make recovery for a lot of people. You will make that decision if it’s right for you.

Don’t you feel that you owe it to yourself to find out if this work for you?

an image of a sign at the crossroads of the hard and easy ways

Focus on what you are — Not what you were

How Alcohol Freedom Works

I’ve studied the science of neuroplasticity and how hypnosis affects the way the brain grows. I’ve seen miracles over years with clients using hypnotherapy.

But there is an even more important discovery that you might have heard about. You may have seen this in the news about Mirror Neurons.

If you’re not familiar with mirror neurons you might start to realize why I am so excited about this and how it will affect you.

Mirror Neurons are specialized brain cells.

an artist's conception of mirror neurons According to Wikipedia,

A mirror neuron is a neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another.

These recently discovered mirror neurons mimic or copy the behavior around us. It happens without our knowledge.

However, when mimicking on purpose, like when you are in trance and observing your future self, you are activating this very powerful process. And as your brain mimics the behaviors, feelings, emotions, strengths of your future non-addicted self. an image of a woman meditating in a Yoga position

You become what you think about most of the time

This is one of the keys to making the brain to release the addictive patterns. My proprietary method of observing your future self, and the specific way I integrate it, uses this breakthrough and gets you free from your alcohol addiction, without willpower and without cravings.

This also explains why many people have relapsed over and over while going to AA meetings.

Think about it. What are your mirror neurons activating in your brain? People tell their sad stories, talk about their fears, share their failures in great detail… and all the while your mirror neurons are absorbing it all!

Some people tell me that they only feel like drinking after attending an AA meeting. This could be the reason that a meeting stimulates the need for alcohol.

No wonder AA only works for less than 10% of the people who attend. Thoughts really are things when it comes to brain chemistry.

Ready for a Big Change?

What if you could change your brain in a way that lets your mirror neurons actually EMPOWER you.

You will learn and understand why it is actually dangerous to affirm that you are an alcoholic for the rest of your life.

Labels Identify Who We Are

If you allow yourself to be labeled as an Alcoholic it creates an identity that in turn creates beliefs about who you are what you will become day in and day out.

I have helped thousands of people all over the world who have tried and failed at every attempt to stop drinking. People just like you who felt hopeless and were ready to give up.

My Alcohol Freedom hypnotherapy program will stop your internal conflicts, change the identity and create new neural connections and release addictive triggers. It’s true. Just read a few of the wonderful letters I receive.

Dear Wendi,

First the problem. I drank every night and felt trapped. I was a functioning alcoholic. In addition, when my wife fell asleep I would eat carb-laden food and hardly remembered eating it… the bottom line was that I was headed for a train wreck if I did not do something.


Just saying no did not work—I tried to quit several times and failed and each failure further exacerbated my situation and my self-esteem. AA, while great for the very far gone, was not for me.

Finally, in desperation, I searched the Internet for some help and clicked on your site… BEST DECISION THAT I HAVE EVER MADE!!!

I have much greater energy in my life. Everything is better… I have received numerous comments from family and friends noting that I look 10 years younger. Thanks for putting this program together.



P.S. I have recommended your site to all my friends. Not only have I not had a drink since April 15th of 2005 but I have lost 50 pounds as a killer side benefit.



Dear Wendi,

I just wanted to say that I love your products. I have the alcohol cd’s and the confidence cd’s and I have noticed an almost immediate improvement in myself. Before I could easily drink 2-4 drinks when I would go out and now I hardly ever drink. If I do have a drink it is always only one and then I switch to water or something non alcoholic. Thank you so much. I never could have imagined it could be this easy. I am so grateful and I just wanted to say that you really have a gift Wendi. Thank you again, you are changing people’s lives with these CD’s and I am going to be back to buy more. You are incredible! Thank you!!!!





Dear Wendi,

I ordered your CDs 6 wks ago, I gotta tell you I haven’t had a beer in six weeks and my family came over drinking for thanksgiving and I wasn’t even tempted have a beer. I only listened to 3 or 4 days of your program, and I just totally lost my urge to have a beer which is unusual because I drink a minimum of a 6 pack a day, and have for 15 years. Just wanted to tell you how much Iappreciate you.






For the first time since I was a teen, alcohol does not seem like the answer. YAY! Keep up the good work!


I never realized how I was using alcohol as an excuse to sabotage all the good things in my life. Thank you again for your words of wisdom. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Thanks, Jane :-)



Dear Wendi,

Thanks for spreading the truth Wendi. I’ve achieved a trifecta thanks to you – I’ve beat alcohol, nicotine and depression thanks to you (And tried all the usual clinical therapies and many medications, to no “avail. I gave it my best and now understand more about why they were ineffective for me.) Thanks so much, from a loyal and grateful customer.


From Spike



Dear Wendi,

At age 45 I had been drinking since I was about 15. I had tried numerous ways to quit drinking. AA, rehab, cold turkey you name it. A few days or weeks I would be right back to where I was only feeling worse about myself after another failed attempt to quit drinking. I never could stop the desire to drink.

Wendi`s program changed my thinking and gave me a new lease on life. I have been sober 10 months and haven`t had a desire to drink in about 9 and half months. I lost 20 LBS, workout, write have dreams and goals again! I have a new life.

No desire to drink… doesn’t bother me at all. I still play golf with my drinking buddy`s and tailgate at Carolina Panther games, and I am often asked to be the Designated Driver. Ironic after numerous DUI`s. Even when I am not listening to the CD`s I often hear Wendi`s sweet voice telling me to be proud of the person I have become. I am extremely proud of myself and happier then I have ever been.

Thanks Wendi

I really can`t thank you enough.

Ken Claffey

By the way. Ken has now been clean and sober for 5 years.

Here’s an email he sent me New Years Eve:

Hi Wendi

I do hope more folks will hear you, and if my words help that’s great. I hate to see anyone struggle with that awful addiction. Anything I can do to help let me know.

This year…I have a April marathon in Charlottesville Va, I’ll spend the summer months racing in triathlons, and then another marathon in Charlotte, NC to close out the year. My ultimate goal is to qualify and race in the Ironman in Kona Hawaii. I do like shocking people who can remember me as a 250 pound beer drinking slob. The transformation to some is unbelievable.

This will be my 4th New Years Eve alcohol free, and it all started with your program. Just wanted to thank you again, as I will always be grateful. Tell these folks if they have tried to quit before, Like I had a hundred times pre Wendi… Just give your program a shot- that was the last time I had to quit! Great saying… change your mind change your life.

Worked for me.

All my love to you and yours …ever grateful,

Ken Claffey

Salisbury North Carolina.

Let’s Start Your Success Story Today!

Do you see yourself in these stories?

They were no different than you. Feeling hopeless and desperate is no way to live your life. This is your chance to find out how you too can feel as powerful as the 1000′s of people that have experienced my program.

Before you make this decision there is something else you should know.

This is not just about alcohol.

Your life is about to change in other ways as well.

Take Ken Claffey as an example. Take another look at the email he sent me New Years Eve. Sure, Ken quit drinking. But he’s also living a healthy lifestyle of running marathons and doing triathlons!

When you work through your internal conflicts, release the struggles, forgive yourself and begin to love who you are, you get an entirely new perspective. A whole new attitude emerges.

Maybe your relationships with friends and family will get stronger. Or perhaps you’ll lose weight. Maybe you’ll start the new business you dreamed of, or write that book, or start that new business, or live the life you dream of! an image of a woman laughing

Are you with me? Together we’ll create it- and it will be better than you ever imagined.

The therapy that is included in Alcohol Freedom is just the beginning of your new life. My hypnotherapy approach will move you in the direction you want to go, NOT help you manage your weakness. an image of an enthusiastic man with two clenched fists

You will no longer identify yourself as an alcoholic.

You will permanently cement the values and emotional strength that will make you easily realize that you just don’t drink. You will not be diseased, powerless or have to tell your story at meetings for the rest of your life about being in recovery.

You will want to associate with people who make their life happen- on purpose. You won’t be praised for not drinking. (think about that)

Does this makes sense for you now?

Do you want to feel this good?

The real step starts with a simple decision.

Even if you don’t think you have what it takes, I assure you I will hold your hand and help you get there.

an image of the Quit Drinking Now program package I can see you as a client and you can spend a month with me doing 12 sessions in person at $450 an hour.

And you are welcome to apply to see me in person. The total for the month would come to $5400. And you will feel fantastic. And cost way less than rehab, that is $25,000 minimum.

Would it be worth $5400 to end your alcohol problem? Absolutely. But most people have already gone deeply into debt from multiple rehab attempts and had friends and family max out their credit cards at $25,000 or more at each month at rehab.

I want you to have access to this.
And now you can have it at a great price.

I have created this program because I am passionate about sharing this discovery with as many people as I can.

I am committed to helping you or your loved one escape a life of addiction.
You can repair your relationships and learn to love yourself again.

SAVE $50 today!

I am offering it at this low price because it really is important to me to give you something that really works at a great price.
I have spent over $110,000 (yes you read that right) on residential rehab centers for my son for over 5 years.
Maybe rehab is right for you and each time you go you are willing to pay another $30,000 (or more) to try again.
But maybe you keep wondering why it just hasn’t worked.

And if you want to find out why people are raving about my work, you can… and at a very reasonable price.


Total Value-$564 !

Get started today for only $97

(You take an additional $50 off my regular price of $149)

Will you share your story with me?

I would love to hear from you in a week or a month or at any time you are feeling ready.


Alcohol Freedom CD program and journal $197 the quit drinking program
One hour private session by phone $150
2 day fast start online- instant access
Let Go and Live CD $89.70
7 Powerful instant video sessions with Wendi to make you strong and in control $49
Infusion- Freedom From Alcohol Download $29.90

 Total Value-$564 Get started today for only

$149 $97!

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Total Value: $564

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Have questions? Just call me! My staff cares about you and they are great listeners. Call them and you will find out how truly caring my staff is.


Guaranteed… For a full year


Are you still not sure you have what it takes?

I understand. That is why I am giving you my ONE YEAR money back promise!

Money back at any time on the Alcohol Freedom program for a full year.

I believe the only way you’ll find out if this is your answer is to give it a try. And if by some chance it doesn’t work for you (nothing works for 100% of people, if someone says otherwise, they are not being honest) all you need to do is send back your CD’s to my office and I will give you a no-hassle refund on the spot.

And I’m so confident in my program, I won’t just give you a 30 or 60 day guarantee. ONE YEAR money back if you are not happy with it for any reason.

Think about it. Does AA guarantee results? Did you know that even when you pay $30,000 for rehab there is no guarantee and no refunds. You are on your own after you walk out that door.

Not only will I give you a the ONE YEAR Guarantee on the Alcohol Freedom program, but I will give you a Lifetime Replacement Warranty to boot.

If you lose your CDs, spill your fingernail polish on them, leave them on the airplane, forget them in the rental car, drop them off a cliff, or your dog eats them…. (you get the idea) you get a replacement.

I am sure we are the only business in the world that feels this passionate about making sure you have our CDs right where you need them, in your hands. And we will prove it.

As long as we can look up and verify your order, we will replace it. You don’t even need the receipt. Leave that to us.

Just let my Customer Care team know and we’ll ship you a replacement. All you have to do is pay the shipping, nothing more. We really mean it when we say “We want you to be very happy” an image of a man and woman outside in a joyful embrace

I have something for you!

4 Free Gifts, just for making the decision

I want to make sure you are beyond happy. So when you give Alcohol Freedom a try, I’ll give you three valuable gifts to keep you on track.

Gift 1 -

Let go and live! Value: $89.70

Let go and live is a collection of 3 hypnotherapy sessions:

Forgiveness. Letting go of anger and pain is the first and most important step in healing old wounds. Even if you’ve held these feelings for years! I’ll show you how to release yourself from carrying the negative emotions that keep you from moving forward. (By the way, Forgiving someone doesn’t make them right, it doesn’t justify what they did, it just means that you understand and let go.)

Let go of the past. Memories from your past that make you angry, depressed, annoyed or sad will be changed! After going through my process, those old memories will trigger new, good feelings. A very simple way to let your mind be free of the pain and judgment of the past.

Live your dream. Who do you really want to be? What is the best path for your life? If you have ever wondered what your life’s purpose is, this session may just open your eyes to something new and completely different! You will get in touch with your true self and begin to find your purpose. You will go into the future in a time where you are doing what you really love. The information you get in the session might possibly change your life and make you feel powerful, focused and hopeful!

Gift 2 –

Free Live Hypnotherapy Session. Value: $150

Get a free live hypnotherapy session with one of my personally trained hypnotists. I’ve trained hundreds of hypnotherapists with my methods… and now you can tap into my network and get a 100% personalized session – for FREE.

Gift 3 –

Instant Gratification. Value: Priceless

Within minutes of ordering you will have access to my 2 day “fast start” video and hypnotherapy sessions. You can start just 10 minutes from now!

Gift 4 –


7 Video Sessions. Value: $49

  7Video sessions with Wendi that will get you ready.

Gift 5 –


Infusion- Freedom From Alcohol Download. Value: $29

Over $268 in free gifts.
And yours to keep no matter what.
Just my way of saying thanks for trying Alcohol Freedom.

 Total cost of the Alcohol Freedom Program with the bonuses is $740… but order it now, and it’s all yours for only $97


All Yours for only $97

Three Steps To Recovery…

You can go to meetings, tell your sad story, listen to others as they struggle or spend time reading from the big book. It works for some and it is free.

But maybe you are different.

Maybe you have felt, as so many of my clients tell me, that after a meeting they really want to drink even more than before.

You could try rehab again. Leave your job and your family for a month and be locked inside to prevent you from drinking. It will work… at least during the 30 days you are locked in.

Or… You can experience Alcohol Freedom, in the comfort of your own home, in private.

I am passionate about your success. This is the most important decision you will make.

an image of someone using a mouse with a laptop computer And you can get started now

1- Order now- “I Deserve This” button below

2- Fill out the form

3- Start your online program with video and hypnosis sessions in just minutes.

Yes, it’s really that easy.

an image of a man laughing “YES” Wendi! I’m ready free myself! By saying “yes” I’m starting your Alcohol Freedom program so I can start getting clean and sober and feel good again.

I understand the program includes:

My boxed set of 6 powerful hypnotherapy CD’s with over 20 therapy sessions that will change the way I think and feel about alcohol

The 5 Free Gifts worth $239 that include the Let go and live! CD, the Free Live Hypnotherapy Session with one of your personally trained hypnotists and the Instant Gratification content so I can get started before the CD set arrives by mail!

Remember, there is no risk. I am giving you my ONE YEAR money back guarantee because I believe this is the best thing you will ever do.

Total Value: $564

Start Now $149 $97

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By the way, I’d love to hear your success story! Just email me when you are feeling it.

With love and respect,

Wendi Friesen

P.S. Yes, the One Year Guarantee is for real. And I would not offer it unless I was confident in my program.

P.P.S. By the way, if online ordering is not your thing, you can call my staff at 1-877-68-HAPPY and they will help you out over the phone. signed by Wendi

We will set you up with the gifts when you call.




a collage of happy people

About Me

Wendi FriesenWendi Friesen has been described as a Mind Coach Genius, and a Life Changing Strategist by her colleagues, clients and the media.
She is known worldwide for creating dynamic mental strategies that are used by executives, athletes, addicts and students for the past 15 years.

Wendi's work has resulted in international media including a feature article in London's Financial Times, a 10 page interview in Men's Health, GQ magazine, Fitness Magazine, Health and Fitness, LA times, and 100s more. She has been a featured guest on Fox and Friends, Fox Strategy room, Comedy Central, Showtime, and GMTV in England. You may have heard Wendi on numerous radio shows in the USA, UK, Australia or right here on Wendi's radio show on Clear Channel was an intriguing and inspiring talk show on our mind's potential. Now learn how to become more powerful, successful and confident and release your addiction from your life.

People struggling with addiction have renewed hope when they experience her creative and focused methods to overcome fears and instantly create mental freedom. Wendi continues to study and perfect the methods that use the neuroplasticity of the brain to create cutting edge mental strategies that produce stunning results in the field of addiction.

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TV and print media that has featured Wendi

Dear Wendi,


I can't think of where to start. I have completed your 7 day program with flying colors. I am a licensed alcohol and drug counselor. I had 18 years sobriety and then relapsed about 5 years ago. I couldn't seem to get the courage to go back to AA and start over but I wasn't doing anything else with any success. Also, because I became a working and "functional" alcoholic, I had to stay downlow.


Your new addiction program really covered the whole range of issues and I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked for me. I would totally endorse this program!


Licensed Drug and Alcohol counselor- Name Withheld for privacy

Dear Wendi,
I have had a crack cocaine addiction for approx 12 years which has cost me my family as well as two very successful businesses. Since receiving one of you free CD's six months ago my life has had a dramatic turn around. I have just become an accredited life coach and my family is beginning to trust me again. I will shortly be in a position to purchase one of your complete programs which i truly believe is worth every penny. This morning i listened to Wendi's 2 minute hypnosis and she mentioned the colour red would change everything, well i went to buy a car today(first time in ages) and guess what it is red.


Thank you to Wendi and everyone at for helping me get my life back.



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Dear Wendi,
The Alcohol program worked and realized AA is very negative and most of the people, especially the older timers are not qualified to be sponsors and the 12 steps are not necessary, I am using your tapes
No 12 steps, no sponsors, no dwelling on the past, just the present and future.
Thanks you probably saved my life.
Please share this with anyone you wish.


Don Kirk

Dear Wendi,
The Alcohol program worked and realized AA is very negative and most of the people, especially the older timers are not qualified to be sponsors and the 12 steps are not necessary, I am using your tapes
No 12 steps, no sponsors, no dwelling on the past, just the present and future.
Thanks you probably saved my life.
Please share this with anyone you wish.


Don Kirk

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A few years ago my ex-wife and I started drifting apart, and I started drinking after 6pm or so, eventually every night, and gaining weight accordingly. In the past 6 months I've had only about 2-3 sober days (we divorced 18 months ago or so). In other words, I became a habitual drinker (but never labeled myself as an alcoholic).


At 330 lbs I need about 12-18 drinks to feel relaxed... something that most people reach after 3-6 drinks. Even after 18 drinks I'm not really 'drunk'.


Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I ordered your alcohol program about two years ago or so, now that I started your program I have to say that you have simply mastered the voice of an effective hypnotherapist


I have now listened to your program (CD 1, tracks 2-3) for three days. I have noticed that even though I'm still drinking, the amounts I'm drinking are much smaller as I feel I'm in control... at least in better control than before. And, I'm also delaying the start of drinking.


This is just a baby step for me, even though an important one. I think I'll soon be able to have my first alcohol-free days, and then weeks.


Thanks for a great product.



Hi Wendi,
I have to tell you about my experiences with your products.


I have purchased a ton of CDs fromm you in the past 2 years. I love everything you send me!!!


I have lost weight (and feel great) with the Zen of Thin CDs. I have started my own business and (I do have to say) I have more than I imagined in my career area. I have to credit your Financial Abundance CDs for that. I now have a clearer understanding and a better relationship with my mother since trying your Bulletproof CD. And, I have stopped grinding my teeth due to your Bruxism CD.


This is not the end of my hypnotic journey with you! I know I can do anything I set my mind to, even if I have a little help from you. I have a few more CDs I want to try soon.


I am so proud of myself for all I accomplished in this short amount of time. It's all because of YOU!


Thanks again, Wendi!


Lisa MacLean Tofts
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Your alcohol program is awesome. I have understood for a long time from christian teachings that there is power in your mind. The battle is for your mind. That is why I bought your alcohol program. It's not really that I am being "hypnotized"; it's really that you are putting new thoughts into my mind. I understand that your program is a journey. I have failures and I have victories. I keep telling my self, "you are definitely getting healthier". You are helping me greatly to be a healthy person. Thank you for your work and efforts.


R Keller

Hi Wendi,
The past three + years have been pretty remarkable for me, I think your products have been a large part of it. Starting with Alcohol Freedom, then Memory Magic, The past year I took 12 credit hours college for a Paramedic class, 3.8 gpa while working full time, passed the National Registry test last week on the first attempt. No way I could have done this if I was still drinking.

Thanks again. Mike



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Thank you, Wendi, for your CD program to help stop alcohol abuse.
Things started getting difficult for me a few years ago after a divorce, and I ordered your program. Well, like some things, it got set aside because I "thought I could handle it". LOL
Last week, I dug out the CDs from my drawer and began listening again. I can't believe it. Even though I don't feel as if I'm hypnotized while listening, I now have no desire for the wine that's been a part of my life on a daily basis. I was functioning, but not well. Yet, for the past several days, I've had no desire drink or to buy alcohol even as I pass it in the market.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your program.



Dear Wendi,
The alcohol freedom tapes helped me immensely. My goal is to simply drink normally, as I used to until I turned 50. I see my goal happening!
I recommend these audio's highly. They have changed my life. My drinking has gone down and yet I can drink a little still.


Thank you!

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